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Main Problem

According to the United Nations, the threat of AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR) can quickly turn into the next pandemic. The burden to the European patients, healthcare systems, and wider economy is substantial, with an estimated 33 000 deaths and €1500 Million in healthcare costs, per year. AMR is particularly prevalent in hospitals, leading to hospital-acquired infections that very often lead to patient death and are very disruptive to hospital operations and costs. The unmet need that must be fulfilled is the early detection of pathogen strains that are the cause of AMR outbreaks during patient admission to critical units of the hospital so that colonized patients can be timely isolated.



Bactometer is a disruptive next-generation portable magnetic device for cost-effective, accurate, rapid pathogen detection, and identification. Bactometer is portable flow cytometer and a nucleic acid detection device that reads microfluidic cartridges. These cartridges have a well in which users deposit a sample from different complex matrices (e.g. swabs, body fluids). The cartridge is introduced in the Bactometer device that contains inbuilt sample preparation for pathogens separation and concentration using a technology based on immuno-magnetic properties. After magnetic labeling and counting, the device performs a nucleic acid detection assay to obtain information regarding resistance genes, providing precious clinical information. The identification of a multiplexed set of microorganisms can be achieved in under one hour.

bactometer device
chart solution


Currently available technologies do not allow for this rapid screening of patients, in an economically viable manner. Our technology is a major contribution to reducing the impact of AMR. Bactometer detects pathogens at the strain level, allowing for the use of strain-specific antibiotics, and avoiding erroneous prescriptions.

cartridge of bactometer device

Prototype 1

cartridge of bactometer device prototype1

Prototype 2

cartridge of bactometer device prototype2

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Bactometer, the way to stop the spreading of the next pandemic!


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